East of England 2018

Judge – Mr Colin Woodward

Best of Breed SH CH Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill Sh.CM JW - Newsham
Dog CC SH CH Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill Sh.CM JW - Newsham
Res Dog CC Maursett Mathos - Taylor
Bitch CC Badgersmoon Miss Anglica - Langridge
Res Bitch CC Maursett Mycate at Kiswahili - Walkling
Best Puppy Maursett Mycate at Kiswahili - Walkling
Best Veteran SH CH/IR SH CH Studeem Rock the Kazbar at Laceygunn JW CJW1 CW1 IR - Underwood
Best Special Beginner Tweedsmuir Chenoa at Windfly - Grant
Puppy Dog 3 Entries, Absent : 0
1st Maursett Mathos - Taylor
10 months very promising youngster so balanced for his age has a lovely head & eye with good stop & bite, strong neck, straight well boned front limbs, good depth & body for age, lovely clean outline strong hindquarter he moved out soundly lovely type. Must have a bright future.
2nd Beskerby Mastermind - Glover
11 months masculine head, clean eyes, good stop & bite, deep well sprung ribs firm arched loin with good outline well balanced body strong hindquarters, good tailset sound on the move another lovely puppy.
3rd Tweedsmuir Swashbuckler at Jahanghir - Guy
Junior Dog 3 Entries, Absent : 0
1st Vanitonia the Force Awakens - Gardner, Crocker & Siddle
14 months, upstanding dog of lovely type, masculine head with clean eyes, good stop & correct bite, strong well muscled neck into good shoulder placement, well balanced body, Strong well made hindquarters, super legs and feet, moved well with good tail action good tail action.
2nd Badgersmoon Divenci - Langridge
Another good dog who pushed one all the way, 17 months, good head, dark clean eyes, firm in body which was deep and well ribbed, well coupled loin, strong bone on good feet, sound happy mover who used his tail well.
3rd Bridais Into the Blue - Milner
Post Graduate Dog 2 Entries, Absent : 0
1st Anbrook Rhapsody in Blue - Brookshaw
16 months lovely overall picture with good angles, has a pleasing head, dark eye good skull deep stop, clean well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and length of body, strong quarters.
2nd Spanaffy Stiegl Goldbrau - Whiffin & Carrick
3 years & not as well developed as one, would like to see more strength in bone, coat in good condition, needs to strengthen in movement.
Limit Dog 3 Entries, Absent 0
1st Badgersmoon Du Winter - Langridge
2 years with a shapely, head, good dark eye & context bite, ears well set, correct head carriage, good front angulation, well balanced in outline, strong well boned limbs, tidy hocks, moved out well with good tail action.
2nd Tweedsmuir Blaze of Glory JW - Monaghan
4 years typical head dark eye & good expression, good in body with big ribs, good length of loin, well off for bone on good feet, shown in good coat & condition, with good tail action on the move, close decision.
3rd Micklemess Making Music at Clumbadane - Rudbach
Open Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st SH CH Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill ShCm JW - Newsham
A dog I have have admired from the ring side and pleased with the opportunity to judge him, typical masculine classic head with good skull & stop, clean eyes, good bite, strong muscular neck into well placed shoulders, body is well developed, deep in chest and well ribbed back, well coupled in loin, strong well boned legs standing on good feet, firm topline. Shown in excellent coat & condition, super angulation & balanced throughout. Moved soundly with drive.
2nd SH CH Winhampton Over the Yardarm of Harrifield JW ShCm - Thorogood
A worthy Ch I have often admired, strong dog with a good head & skull shape, correct bite ears set well, his front is deep, strong and well made, well sprung ribs, super well boned legs on good feet, he held his topline well but sadly did not put all in on the move today pity.
3rd Stonielea Just William - Steele
Veteran Dog 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st SH CH/IR SH CH Studeem Rock the Kazbar at Laceygunn JW CJW18 CW18 IR - Underwood
8 years masculine dog with a strong head but without coarseness, good dentition, clean eyes, strong well made body of good length and depth, has a lovely well presented coat, moved soundly with good ring presence.
Puppy Bitch 4 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Maursett Mycate at Kiswahili - Walkling
One I have judge before super quality puppy with a lovely feminine head soft expression & good stop. I like her overall profile picture & correct angulation throughout, good length and depth of body, strong legs on neat feet, strong firm hindquarter she was very sound on the move for & aft, must be much more to come for this bitch good luck.
2nd Beskerby Luminescent - Dawson
Super 11 months puppy who was unlucky to meet one on the day and pushed her all the way. One all the way, feminine well chiselled head with good eye colour, shoulders are gently sloping into a level topline, deep ribs leading to a strong loin, good coat & condition, strong hindquarter sound mover covering the ground well with a good tail action.
3rd Maursett Marilla at Stonielea - Steele
4th Delsaux Beneath the Sun - Taylor & Hilton
Junior Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Badgersmoon Miss Anglica - Langridge
Lovely young bitch with a feminine head good clean eyes & correct bite, neck flows well into shoulders and firm top line, strong bone on good feet, deep in chest, good rear angulation with strong hocks which were put to good use in her sound action.
2nd Anbrook Fair Maid of Kent by Winhampton - Wilson
14 months, balanced head with a dark eyes & soft expression, body well ribbed back to strong loin, well balanced all through, strong muscular quarters which give a good driving action lovely type.
Post Graduate Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Anbrook Center Fold - Brookshaw
15 months, balanced feminine head with clean eyes & correct bite good shape to skull & stop, ample neck, straight well boned front limbs, body well ribbed, shown in good coat and condition, nice legs & feet, strong quarter good mover.
Limit Bitch No Entries
Open Bitch 4 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Winhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Almost 4 years very feminine, head shape good with a dark eye & good bite & stop, clean neck to straight well developed front & good shoulders, deep well ribbed body, strong well coupled loin, shown in good coat & condition, strong quarters moved well.
2nd SH CH/IR SH CH Richley Ready to Rock With Antonine ShCm - McGillivray & Currie
Such a shame this bitch did not put all in today as one I really admire, possibly the weather, 5 years, typical head shape with a soft expression from clean eyes, strong neck leading into well made sloping shoulders. Good depth brisket, strong bone on good feet, correct spring of ribs strong quarters, so well balanced all through.
3rd Suelynda Chantilly - Boden
Veteran Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tioga Magic Spell - Roberts
Almost 9 years with a lovely feminine head and soft expression, good deep brisket & well balanced body, strong loin, clean outline, bone and feet are good, strong quarters, not in her best coat today, lost out in movement to the dog for BV
Special Beginners - Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tweedsmuir Chenoa at Windfly - Grant
2 years with a good head & eyes, strong neck into good lay of shoulders, mature body, clean outline, strong quarters, clean coat in good condition movement could be better.
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