Eye Health

The Clumber Spaniel Club applauds breeders of Clumber Spaniels for addressing eye health which has shown good improvement over recent years.

The most common eye problems in Clumber Spaniel are associated with the surround of the eye (adnexa), principally entropion where the eyelids roll in and ectropion where the eyelids roll out. Some Clumbers may suffer from tear staining and this can usually be resolved by regular cleaning. Eye testing is recommended by the Club and is also carried out under a KC/BVA scheme. The Clumber Spaniel Club offers a subsidy for all Clumber Spaniels being eye tested and holds an annual eye testing clinic in conjunction with its Championship Show in October.

The current subsidy offered is as follows:

  • At the Club’s annual eye testing day: £20 of the cost for each Clumber Spaniel tested that is owned by  an existing member and £10 of the cost for each Clumber Spaniel tested that is owned by a non member.
  • For all other eye tests the subsidy will be £10 for each dog tested owned by an existing member and £5 for each dog tested owned by a non member once a copy of the eye test certificate is received by the Breed Health Coordinator.
  • All Clumber Spaniels aged 8 and over will be tested at the Club’s expense.

The results of KC/BVA eye tests for Clumber Spaniels are not published therefore the Club has established a voluntary database for the results. Anyone wishing to contribute should send a photocopy of their dog’s eye test certificate to:

Carol Page, Micklemess, 20, Swanwick Lane, Swanwick, Southampton SO31 7HF or e-mail

Previous eye test results can be found here – Eye Test Results

Useful Reference Information

The following is a list of definitions for some terms commonly used on the eye test certificates:

  • Belepharitis – inflammation of the eyelids
  • Distichiasis – extra eyelashes
  • Ectropion – eyelids roll out, usually the lower lids
  • Entropion – eyelids roll in, in some cases eye lashes and hairs on the outside of the lids will cause irritation of the eye
  • Macroblepharon – increased palpebral fissure

A list of forthcoming eye testing clinics can be found on the BVA website