Bournemouth 2018

Judge – Mr L Cox

Best of Breed Maursett Mathos - Taylor
Dog CC Maursett Mathos - Taylor
Res Dog CC Sh Ch Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill Sh.CM JW - Newsham
Bitch CC Suelynda Diamonds R'forever At Francfief - Heaume
Res Bitch CC Maursett Mycate At Kiswahili - Walkling
Best Puppy Maursett Mathos - Taylor
Special Beginners Dog/Bitch No Entries
Puppy Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Maursett Mathos - Taylor
10 month old very mature boy who pleases enormously for type. He is an exceptional young male whose future is most definitely assured and his title is not far off, even though still young. I loved his balanced masculine, square in outline head which has no exaggeration. Decent neck, good top line and well set tail. In good coat. On the move he comes into his own and covers the ground in an easy, economical way with super reach and drive. He could easily do a days work on heavy clay. Correct outline for the breed and that look of quality. One that I would happily have in my kennel. Nothing to touch him today and I was delighted to award him the CC, BOB and BP.
2nd Suelynda Tomahawk Over Dimenglo - Rugnan
Real baby at 6 months but pleasing for type. Good for substance and coat of correct texture. A little all over the place atm, which is to be expected.
Junior Dog 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Maursett Mathos - Taylor
Post Graduate Dog 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Micklemess Fundamental - Page
Very decent for type, this boy pleases very much on the stack. Balanced head and expression, clean eyes and a good shaped ear. Decent neck, correct length and well made in front. Coat coming along. On the move he looks good in profile, where he covers the ground with a gentle gait, but he was just a tad erratic going away today which was a shame.
Limit Dog 4 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Micklemess Making Music At Clumbadane - Rudbach
Won the class on the move where he is steady and sound. Not overdone, he pleases for shape on the stack. In super condition.
2nd Whissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
Pleases to go over, he uses himself decently on the move. I liked him for head shape and front assembly. Correct length, tail set a tad high.
3rd Whissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
Open Dog 6 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Sh Ch Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill Sh.CM JW - Newsham
Very good class. Judged this dog at his very first show and gave him BP. I said then that he would have a super career and he hasn’t disappointed. He is an excellent Clumber and his type is superb. Liked his head and expression, clean eyes and presented in first class order. Strong neck into firm topline and correctly set tail. To go over, there is very little you would change. He has substance, yet is not overdone in anyway. On the move he looks good in profile and covers the ground. In the challenge he wasn’t as precise coming towards me as the younger dog and so today had to bow to youth. RCC
2nd Tweedsmuir Blaze Of Glory - Monaghan
Liked this dog very much too as he is the type that I admire. He has a very decent head and clean eye. Close up to the winner today and I can see him changing places. He is most definitely of champion quality and I won’t disagree when he does. Just not the ease today of the winner in profile.
3rd Sh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW - Thorogood
Res Creeaark Artreyu - Hirst
VHC Sh Ch Whissgig Wizard Of Oz At Forestree JW - Beardsmore
Veteran Dog No Entries
Puppy Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Maursett Mycate At Kiswahili - Walkling
Mature 10 month old young lady who has had a super career so far and I can understand why. She is presented in first class order and handled very well. Her head and expression are good. Feminine all through yet retains substance. She has a strong neck and very good topline, with correctly set tail. Decent outline in profile and of the correct shape. She has a very pleasing action in profile and will always take the eye. For me she needs to strengthen just a tad going away and this is where she lost out today. RCC
2nd Suelynda Whirylbird - Boden
Adored this 6 month baby as she is so very much the type I love. Her head is coming along nicely, is superb to go over and she is most definitely a superstar in the making. Yes she is raw but she has potential in spades. Will watch her grow with much interest.
3rd Suelynda Kiowa Over Cajuma - Lawrence
Junior Bitch 5 Entries, Absent: 2
1st Anbrook Fair Maid Of Kent By Winhampton - Wilson
Pleasing for shape and the correct length for the breed. She is presented in first class order and handled extremely well. On the move she puts her feet in the right place. For me she has to develop in head, but she is still young and I’m sure a title is ahead for her.
2nd Whissgig Wintersaga (ai) - Sheppard
Pleasing for size and shape, decent head shape and move ok just not the reach in front of the winner
3rd Whissgig Comedy Of Errors (ai) - Sheppard
Post Graduate Bitch 4 Entries, Absent: 3
1st Micklemess Just An Illusion - Page
Pleasing size and shape, good topline, clean eyes and liked her front assembly. Good topline and well set tail. A very decent bitch that just needs finish.
Limit Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Suelynda Diamonds R'forever At Francfief - Heaume
Anyone that knows me well will understand why I loved this absolutely beautiful bitch. I have never seen her before and when I turned around and looked at her, my heart lifted. Her type is superb and her outline so typical for the breed. Her head and expression are absolutely delightful. Strong neck, firm topline and well set tail. Has substance yet there is no questioning her sex. At first she started to put the brakes on and my heart then sank. She managed to get going and I could see that she put her feet in exactly the right place, sound and ground covering. In the challenge, I sent them round and she moved out with ease, keeping her outline. Although in a typical Clumber bitch stubborn mood, she did enough to show me what she could do and so was my CC winner. An outstanding bitch who, if she plays ball, is most certainly a well deserved champion of the future.
2nd Whissgig All That Jazz - Sheppard
Sweet girl, pleasing for size and good topline. Moved ok, just a tad erractic on the out and back.
Open Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Sh Ch Creeaark Fantastica - Hirst
Pleases very much for type and once settled she moves well. She was presented very well. In good coat. I liked her head and expression and she is typical in outline. Another who you can tell has her stubborn moments. But she is most certainly deserving of her title.
2nd Winhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
In beautiful condition and presented beautifully. Moved out well and she could keep going all day. Just a little plain in head for me and this was the deciding factor
Veteran Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 1
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