Darlington 2017

Judge – Mr P Sheppard

Best of Breed Marshalver Moonriver - Boden
Best Dog Marshalver Moonriver - Boden
Res Best Dog Tavirosh Stonewall - Charlesworth-Ironside
Best Bitch Tweedsmuir Chenoa At Windfly - Grant
Res Best Bitch Micklemess Fidelity - Terry
Veteran Dog/Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 1
Puppy Dog No Entries
Junior Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Marshalver Moonriver - Boden
Well proportioned head with deep stop. Clear ears and clean eyes without excessive haw. Regular scissor bite. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Well muscled with good angulation front but not a great turn of stifle. Adequate coupling with tailset marginally low. Level topline held on the move. Moved well with good balance and drive. Best Dog and BoB
2nd Tavirosh Stonewall - Charlesworth-Ironside
Slightly finer than #1. Had a well proportioned head and body. Clean ears, eyes showing slightly more haw (but not excessive). Well pronounced stop and occiput. Scissor bite. Nice neck with good muscle. Reasonably deep chest, well sprung ribs and short coupling . Good angulation, nice turn of stifle and level topline held on the move. Good tailset and tail carried well on the move. Reserve Best Dog.
3rd Kafernes Connor Mcleod - Paterson
Post Graduate Dog 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tavirosh Stonewall - Charlesworth-Ironside
2nd Delsaux Ray Of Light - Taylor
Nice tight eyes, clean ear and scissor bite. Well proportioned head. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Good muscle and turn of stifle. Low tailset and back tends to dip when stood, less so, but still noticeable on the move.
Open Dog No Entries
Puppy Bitch No Entries
Junior Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tweedsmuir Chenoa At Windfly - Grant
Just in junior at 13 months. Nice to see a “girly girl”. A well proportioned bitch with a correct feminine head, clear eyes, no excessive haw and regular scissor bite. Parallel front and the right angulation. Chest good but still to develop further, ribs sprung but again, will improve as she matures. Well muscled throughout with a small tuck up and acceptable length of coupling. Tailset adequate. Moved with purpose around the ring with a level topline and correct tail carriage. Best Bitch, BoS and a close run thing with the Best Dog for BoB!
2nd Micklemess Fidelity - Terry
Slightly shorter head than #1 and could do with losing a few pounds. Generally a chunkier bitch than #1 but slightly shorter in the body. Typical Clumber head, well pronounced stop and occiput, eyes without excessive haw, clean ears and regular scissor bite. Good turn of stifle. The degree of muscle could be improved. When settled moved well and held a level topline. Reserve Best Bitch.
Post Graduate Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tweedsmuir Chenoa At Windfly - Grant
2nd Micklemess Fidelity - Terry
Open Bitch No Entries
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