Three Counties 2016

Judge – Mr Frank Kane

I enjoyed the entry – generally good eyes & good rears & just a couple too heavy in the body. Many thanks to my stewards Raye Parry & Shirley Hockenhill. I enjoyed the entry – generally good eyes & good rears & just a couple too heavy in the body.
I enjoyed the entry – generally good eyes & good rears & just a couple too heavy in the body. I enjoyed the entry – generally good eyes & good rears & just a couple too heavy in the body.
Best of Breed Anbrook Miranda JW Sh.CM - Newsham
Dog CC Tweedsmuir Mikado - Monaghan
Res Dog CC Ir Sh Ch Wyclydo's Fast As The Wind At Glenariff - Reynolds
Bitch CC Anbrook Miranda JW Sh.CM - Newsham
Res Bitch CC Tweedsmuir Riocco - Monaghan
Best Puppy Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill - Newsham
Puppy Dog 1 Entries, Absent : 0
1st Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill - Newsham
7 months, a very promising puppy of lovely quality & an excellent mover. Well made throughout with beautiful bone & feet & well ribbed back. His head needs time to develop in stop but I liked him enormously & he has a wonderful temperament & carriage.
Junior Dog No Entries
Post Graduate Dog 6 Entries, Absent : 3
1st Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW - Thorogood
20 months, a quality youngster who needs to fill out in rib & drop in chest. I liked his head type. Very good rear. Tail carriage a touch high. Front action should improve when he gets chest development
2nd Doctor Rashleigh at Ranzham - Hyman
2 years old, I liked his size & balance a lot & he looked my winner standing. Carrying too much weight which affected neck line, topline & front action. Scored in chest & rib over the winner but the front action & softer topline decided the close decision
3rd Micklemess Sunseeker - Jukes
Limit Dog 3 Entries, Absent 1
1st Creeaark Artreyu - Hirst
3 year old who is sound, well boned & with a good chest & ribcage, a typical head & good eyes, I would prefer him just a little longer in the body for perfect balance, went soundly with good topline
2nd Abbyford Bold Venturer* - Hughes
2 1/2 years, lighter framed dog with a good head type & excellent eyes. He is a long bodied dog but needs more spring of rib & shorter couplings which show in his topline. Light mover but his hocks need to strengthen
Open Dog 7 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Tweedsmuir Mikado - Monaghan
6 years old, won a good class on his very good movement. Strong quality head & clean eyes. Very good bone, chest & ribcage. Really uses his quarters & good in front. I’d prefer him a little longer in body for breed balance
2nd Ir Sh Ch Wyclydo's Fast As The Wind At Glenariff - Reynolds
3 years, taller dog with beautiful head & clean eyes & good length of body, well ribbed back but not the maturity of body of the winner. Good mover. Full of quality, just needs a little more time.
3rd Whissgig Wizard Of Oz At Forestree JW - Beardsmore
Res Tavirosh Old Yeller - Charlesworth-Ironside
VHC Anbrook Moonlight - Brookshaw
Puppy Bitch 4 Entries, Absent: 2
1st Golden Hew By Etheridge - Hughes
8 months, very good outline & excellent movement at both ends. Has a good head & excellent eyes. I’d prefer a little more bone & less colour in her coat but she had a big pull in coordination & topline to win this
2nd Suelynda Pride Of Our Alley - Boden
7 months, lovely headed puppy with excellent bone. At the moment needs to fill out generally & firm up in topline. Has better bone & colour than the winner but on the day the winner had the coordination & topline to win
Junior Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Marshalver Miss Attitide - Boden & Monaghan
13 months, lovely breed type & excellent body & scoring inn bone & hindquarters. Head a little plain at the moment, carried herself well
2nd Mischievous Maeve With Maursett - Taylor
16 months, feminine bitch with better head than the winner, good front movement but I would prefer stronger hocks & can develop in quarters. Looked a teenager & could finish well
3rd Golden Hew By Etheridge - Hughes
Post Graduate Bitch 8 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Creeaark Fantastica - HIrst
3 years, has lovely breed type but needs more confidence on the move. Has good head type, moved soundly & carried a good topline & this put her here
2nd Richley Ready To Rock With Antonine - McGillivray
2 years, my winner standing but lacking in confidence. Beautiful type throughout & with a lovely head. Sound but reluctant on the move. Beautifully presented & once she gets over the hormones will have a future
3rd Tweedsmuir Pinotage Rose - Vickery
Res Winhampton Over The Moon By Anbrook - Brookshaw
VHC Winhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Limit Bitch 6 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Tweedsmuir Riocco - Monaghan
22 months, beautiful bitch which stood out here. Full of breed type & moved well holding her topline. Excellent bone & feet & a lovely head with clean eyes
2nd Mayghans Dunestream At Fiverites - Claxton
4 years, very good bitch with excellent eyes & a good head. Very good ribcage & chest. Not the rear angulation or strength of hock of the winner but carried herself well & sound on the move
3rd Chervood's Snow Charon Of Knott (Imp) Dan - Crawford & Hughes
Res Suelynda Chantilly - Boden
VHC Lawn Of Herbs By Sealumber - Mayghan
Open Bitch 6 Entires, Absent: 1
1st Anbrook Miranda JW Sh.CM - Newsham
Quality bitch who is a lovely mover, good length & well ribbed, quality head, she scored on the move to take this, she could just carry herself a little better & show off her qualities. However I had no hesitation giving her CC & BOB
2nd Sugar Loaf Maya Of Tikal Nord Jv-11 (Imp) - Page
4 years, loved her standing & looked my winner for balance but not going well behind on the day. Lovely quality in head & eye & a strong topline. Full of breed type & will have better days
3rd Sh Ch Winhampton Morag Mae - Wilson
Res Jubilwell Diamond Diva At Stoweridge - Watts
VHC Wymeswold Sabayon at Greencourt (Imp) - Pickering