Windsor Championship Show 2015

Judge – Mr G Harran

Best of Breed Sh Ch Tweedsmuir Dambuster JW - Monaghan
Dog CC Sh Ch Tweedsmuir Dambuster JW - Monaghan
Res Dog CC Whissgig Wizard Of Oz At Forestree JW - Beardsmore
Bitch CC Suelynda Heaven Sent - Boden
Res Bitch CC Tweedsmuir Riocco - Monaghan
Best Veteran Uptown Girl By Sealumber JW - Linley
Best Puppy Tweedsmuir Riocco - Monaghan
Veteran Dog or Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Uptown Girl By Sealumber JW - Linley
Moved the best in this class. Pleasing bitch, presented a typical Clumber outline, good fill to body, moved well.
2nd Purland Widgeon Whissgig - Sheppard
Not as good as first in front, and not as clean in eye as first, moved ok.
Puppy Dog 5 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield - Thorogood
Super very promising baby, good large head and square muzzle and those heavy brows, good front assembly, well boned, good fill to body for age, very typical rolling gait, true fore and aft. I am sure he will be a star, unlucky to meet the bitch pup today.
2nd Whissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
Was not as keen on his head as first and tailset could be better, moved ok.
Junior Dog 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tweedsmuir Blaze Of Glory - MOnaghan
Liked his head proportions, built on super lines, so well balanced, well boned, good fill to body, strong hindquarters, moved soundly, decent coat and condition.
2nd Suelynda Armandii Of Finglebrook - Fox
Was not keen on his head, eye not so good and lacked in muzzle, front action could be cleaner.
Post Graduate Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Creeaark Artreyu - Hirst
Very typy, pleasing head, good eye and stop, good bone and substance, good deep chest, decent spring of rib, nicely muscled at rear, moved best in this class.
2nd Whissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
Decent shape, moved too fast, looked unbalanced, head needs time, eye could be cleaner, front needs to settle.
3rd Whissgig Li'l Abner - Sheppard
Limit Dog 4 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Whissgig Wizard Of Oz At Forestree JW - Beardsmore
Lovely dog, very typical in outline and moved the best in this class, good large head, good brows and square muzzle, good bone and fill to body, strong loin and well muscled at rear, shown in good condition, moved very well, correct gait.
2nd Wymeswold Tarte Tatin of Hajacan (Imp) - Metcalf
A shade too much in head for me, when moving tended to sidewind, super body condition, was not as balanced as first.
3rd Sugar Loaf Washington Whissgig (Imp) - Sheppard
Res Tavirosh Old Yeller - Charlesworth-Ironside
Open Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Tweedsmuir Dambuster JW - Monaghan
Super mature dog, so typical in outline and what a mover. Correct gait, so clean coming and going, super body fill and spring of rib and strength to loin, powerful hindquarters, super condition and presented to perfection.
2nd Ir Sh Ch Studeem Rock The Kazbar At Laceygunn JW C - Underwood
Was not so keen on his head, could have been a shade cleaner in neck, moved with a decent gait, presented in good order, good fill to body.
Good Citizen Dog or Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tavirosh Old Yeller - Charlesworth-Ironside
Not showing well today. Head down and not so balanced, bit rounded at bum for me.
Puppy Bitch 4 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Tweedsmuir Riocco - Monaghan
Lovely pup, so very exciting, has balance and correct movement, super bone, good feet and good fill for age, she was a star today.
2nd Winhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Head needs to develop in head, bit close behind, but has promise, needs time.
3rd Whissgig White Rose - Sheppard
Junior Bitch 5 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Suelynda Chantilly - Boden
Young typical Clumber bitch, very good balance, good fill to body, super bone, good depth of body and well muscled rear, typical gait, true coming and going, good coat and condition, close up at the end for top awards.
2nd Jackpotstud Supermodel - Knowles
Close to first, would prefer a little more length to back and bone could be better, moved soundly enough, just needs to grow and develop.
Post Graduate Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Creeaark Fantastica - Hirst
Loved her outline, so typical and well balanced, super bone and front assembly, strong loin, powerful back end, moved very well, a good prospect, handler needs to practice more.
2nd Micklemess Sunny Dawn - Page
Close up to first, just not as steady on the move. A lot to like, good body condition.
Limit Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Suelynda Heavenly Dream - Richardson
Moved the best here. Was not as keen on her head but her other qualities shone through, good bone and body fill, stylish tidy mover, good coat and condition.
2nd Wymeswold Sabayon at Greencourt (Imp) - Pickering
Close up, preferred her head but was not as balanced today, nice bitch.
3rd Mayghan's Lawn Of Herbs By Sealumber - Linley
Open Bitch 4 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Suelynda Heaven Sent - Boden
Lovely well balanced Clumber bitch with typical gait, super body and condition, good large head, square muzzle, pulled out all the stops to take CC.
2nd Sugar Loaf Maya Of Tikal Nord Jv-11 (Swed Imp) - Page
Very close to first, liked her a lot, just not as tidy in movement today.
3rd Anbrook Miranda JW - Newsham & Brookshaw
Res Sh Ch Winhampton Morag Mae - Wilson
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