National Gundog 2015

Judge – Mrs L Nesbitt

I was greatly honoured to be invited to judge our lovely breed at this prestigious show. Many thanks to the committee for the invitation and the excellent hospitality and also to my efficient stewards, Grace and Chris Brown. I was delighted both by the quantity and the quality of the entry. As I do not show regularly at Ch. Shows, almost all of the dogs - and some of the exhibitors- were new to me. It was very encouraging to see a number of very promising youngsters which can only be good for the breed. Presentation was very good. Whilst I found no major health concerns, I was surprised to find a number of exhibits with dirty ears and this does need attention. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt very privileged to go over your lovely dogs. Thank you.
Best of Breed Suelynda Heaven Sent - Boden
Dog CC Whissgig Wizard Of Oz At Forestree JW - Beardsmore
Res Dog CC Tweedsmuir Mikado - Mikado
Bitch CC Suelynda Heaven Sent - Boden
Res Bitch CC SH CH Jubilwell Jingle Bells ShCm - Jefferies
Best Puppy Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield - Thorogood
Veteran Dog No records on Fosse
Puppy Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield - Thorogood
Impressive 10 month old with the most gorgeous head. Appealing expression. Pleasing front and feet. Good bone and enough body for age. Moved well. Should have an exciting future.
2nd Whissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
11 month old but more immature than 1. Smaller framed, with good head and eyes. Decent front and level topline. Moved OK once steadied. Has the essentials, just needs time to develop.
3rd Res Communis Kaprys Rejenta (Imp Pol) NAF TAF - Reid
Junior Dog 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tweedsmuir Blaze Of Glory - Monaghan
Another impressive youngster, just out of puppy. Has a head to die for. Lovely eyes and expression. Good bone and well bodied. Level topline and good length of back. Well angulated rear. Just lacks maturity at present. Moved well once settled.
2nd Whissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
Graduate Dog 2 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Tweedsmuir Blaze Of Glory - Monaghan
Post Graduate Dog 6 Entries, Absent: 2
1st Vanitonia State Of Mind At Daisonville - Bigham
19 months old and maturing well. Masculine head, without coarseness. Fairly long neck, straight front and well-boned legs. Deep chest. Decent length of back. Good tail carriage. Pushed all the way by 2 but won the class on his more settled movement.
2nd Creeaark Artreyu - Hirst
Slighter built 2 year old. Moderately broad head with clean eyes; Sufficient bone and body. Well presented. Not quite the balance of 1.
3rd Whissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
Res Whissgig Li'l Abner - Sheppard
Limit Dog 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Whissgig Wizard Of Oz At Forestree JW - Beardsmore
Loved this well constructed 2 year old on first sight and he did not disappoint on closer examination. Lovely, unexaggerated head. Good eyes and soft expression. Deep chest and well boned, straight legs. Well sprung ribs and long back. Muscular hind quarters. So well balanced. Moved with drive. Delighted to award his first CC. Hope he gets his title.
2nd Sugar Loaf Washington Whissgig (Imp Swe) - Sheppard
Smaller type. Not the head or movement of 1. Clean eyes. Correct bite. Decent length of neck. Would prefer a touch more length of back.
Open Dog 3 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Tweedsmuir Mikado - Mikado
Pleasing outline. Good length of neck. Well placed shoulders and well boned legs. Neat feet. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Muscular quarters. Moved with drive.
2nd Anbrook Moonlight - Brookshaw
Smart boy. Pleasing head without exaggeration. Good bone and body. Moved well.
Good Citizen Dog No records on Fosse
Veteran Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Uptown Girl By Sealumber JW - Linley
Lovely 9 year old in great condition. Pretty head and expression. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Still has a good topline. Movement belied her age.
Puppy Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Tweedsmuir Riocco - Monaghan
Promising 11 month old youngster with good bone. Well presented as always from this kennel. Good outline. Straight front. Well sprung ribs. Good length of back and level topline. Has all the essentials. Moved steadily once settled.
2nd Winhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Well presented 10 month old. Preferred her head at the moment but not as mature as 1. Good front with well boned legs. Still needs to drop in body but this will come. Happy mover. Another who shows promise.
3rd Winhampton Over The Moon By Anbrook - Brookshaw
Junior Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Suelynda Chantilly - Boden
Such a pretty 13 month old girl! Has a lovely profile. Sweetest of heads with appealing expression. Deep chest and long back. Good mover. Looks a little immature at present but certainly one for the future.
Graduate Bitch 3 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Richley Ready To Rock With Antonine - Mcgillivray
Feminine head, correct bite. Good length of neck and straight front. Deep chest, good length of back with level topline. Steady mover.
2nd Afrodita Sofi's Fairy Tail For Kafernes (Imp Ukr) - Deick
Smaller framed bitch with decent bone. Feminine head and good length of neck. Not the length of back or balance of 1.
3rd Jubilwell Take A Chance With Stoweridge - Watts
Post Graduate Bitch 7 Entries, Absent: 1
1st Belbarbess's Martha - Drakeford
Happy 2 year old. Pleasing profile with a deep chest and level topline. Good bone. Moved well. won on her overall balance.
2nd Micklemess Sunny Dawn - Page
Smaller bitch with a lovely feminine head. Soft expression. Good front and length of back. Muscular hindquarters. A little fine over the loin. Would just like a bit more of her.
3rd Creeaark Fantastica - Hirst
Res Whissgig All That Jazz - Sheppard
VHC Nulla Kaprys Rejenta (Imp Pol) - Reid
Limit Bitch 2 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Jubilwell Diamond Diva At Stoweridge - Watts
Feminine 3 year old. Pleasing head and expression. Good neck and front. Enough body and length of back. Well-muscled quarters. Moved better when handler adopted a faster pace.
2nd Mayghan's Lawn Of Herbs By Sealumber - Linley
Different type but also appealed. Bigger framed with good bone. Deep chest and good length of back. Just preferred head and rear angulation of 1.
Open Bitch 7 Entries, Absent: 2
Super class. Very little between 1 & 2
1st Suelynda Heaven Sent - Boden
Very feminine girl with super profile. Beautifully presented. Lovely head and expression. Good eyes. Straight front with well boned legs. Long back with well sprung ribs. Good tail carriage. Flowed around the ring. Pleased to award her the CC, which I was told was her third, and BOB.
2nd SH CH Jubilwell Jingle Bells ShCm - Jefferies
Another very feminine, well constructed bitch. Nothing exaggerated. Lovely head with clean eyes. Deep chest. Good bone. Long back. Muscular quarters. Moved well.
3rd Sugar Loaf Maya Of Tikal Nord JV-11 (Imp Swe) - Page
Res Anbrook Miranda JW - Newsham & Brookshaw
VHC SH CH Winhampton Morag Mae - Wilson
Good Citizen Bitch 1 Entries, Absent: 0
1st Afrodita Sofi's Fairy Tail For Kafernes (Imp Ukr) - Deick
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