Clumber Spaniel Picnic

Everybody is invited – You don’t have to own a Clumber Come and meet the breed and find out more about their historic links with Clumber Park, full details in the leaflet below.

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Interested in volunteering?

Clumber Spaniel Club
President: Mr Ian Layfield
Chairman: Mr Dave Boden
(Founded 1904) 20/04/24

Hi Everybody, hope you all well.

Would just like to know if any of you are interested in joining the H/W Sub Committee as we are short of volunteers. If you are interested and want to know more about H/W in our breed, now is the time to join. Meetings are done on Zoom.

Please Contact me on

We can tell you that our website is up and running now, but please give us time to put all information up

Kindest Regards

Eunice King

Honarary Secretary

Website Update

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New Members and Renewal Forms

Membership of the Clumber Spaniel Club costs £12/single, £18 /joint or overseas and £5 juniors or gamekeepers.

(for those who are new/lapsed members)

Note – if you require a Proposer/Seconder, please contact the Secretary at (for those who are renewing their membership)

Membership applications and renewals should be forwarded to the Membership Co-ordinator:– Mr J Newsham, 61 Churchill Meadow, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2DQ

Membership Payment

It is now possible to make your membership payment by Paypal but please make sure that you set your payment type to ‘Family & Friends’.

If you do not do this we will be in touch to recover the charge that Paypal removes from your payment.

Send your payment to making sure you include your name and address.