Results 2014

Clumber, Sussex, Field Match

19th October at Chicksgrove, Wiltshire

Judges: Mrs S White & Mrs C Jackson


Puppy Test

1st  Page’s Micklemess Sunny Dawn (Clumber)

2nd Reece’s Cocolambton Geranium (Field)

3rd Jukes’ Micklemess Sunseeker (Clumber)

4th Hughes Abbyford Bold Venturer* (Clumber)

Novice Test

1st Reece’s Cocolambton Geranium (Field)

2nd Hughes & Crawford’s Chervoods Snow Charon of Knott (Imp Den) (Clumber)

3rd Page’s Noailles Duchesse Eugenie (Clumber)

4th Shipton’s Winterbourne A Glass Slipper for Mishules (Imp Swe) (Field)

Open Test

1st  Sargeson’s Etheridge Stanthorpe (Clumber)

2nd Page’s Micklemess Spice of Life (Clumber)

3rd Constable’s Macgiriaght Vindicator (Clumber)

4th Constable’s Sedgehurst Alma (Clumber)

Best In Test & Best Clumber: Sargeson’s Etheridge Stanthorpe

Best Field: Reece’s Cocolambton Geranium

Best Sussex: Usher’s Quintic Sporting Sid

The Clumbers were also the winners of the Match with the highest team score.

Gundog Working Tests

1st June 2014 at the Merevale Estate

Judges: Mr J D Sowerby & Mr M Blakeman


Winners & Judges

Novice Test

1st        Constable’s Macgiriaght Vindicator (Clumber)

2nd        Page’s Micklemess Sunny Dawn (Clumber)

3rd        Page’s Micklemess Belvedere (Clumber)

4th        Page’s Micklemess Spice Of Life (Clumber)

COM    White’s Fiergen Steamy Windows (WSS)

Open Test

1st        Shawyer’s Fiergen Silver Spirit (WSS)

2nd        Rudbach’s Clumbadane Athos (Clumber)

Best In Test: Constable’s Macgiriaght Vindicator