Results 2012

Clumber, Sussex & Field Match

30th September 2012 at the Highclere Estate

Judges: John White & Fred Whitworth


Winners of Highclere Match

Puppy Test

1st Moon’s Trevallisse Eye Of The Storm (Sussex)

2nd Ford’s Sonnetend In Touch With Coverwell (Field)

Novice Test

1st Grey’s Abbyford Snow Queen (Clumber)

2nd Constable’s Sedgehurst Alma (Clumber)

3rd Page’s Micklemess Spice Of Life (Clumber)

4th Cadwell’s Jubilwell Mystic (Sussex)

Open Test

1st Darley’s Venaticus Hercules (Clumber)

2nd Cadwell’s Jubilwell Phoenix (Sussex)

3rd Darley’s Venaticus Henrietta (Clumber)

4th Page’s Micklemess Blanchefleur (Clumber)

Best In Test & Best Clumber: Darley’s Venaticus Hercules

Best Sussex: Cadwell’s Jubilwell Phoenix

Best Field: Stone’s Sh Ch Elgert Cadenza For Sonnetend

The Clumbers were also the winners of the Match with the highest team score.

Working Gundog Certificate

A Working Gundog Certificate day on game was held on the 14th January 2012 at West Harting Down, West Sussex.
Assessors were Stuart Seward and Chris Page
There were 15 entrants comprising of 5 Welsh Springer Spaniels, 1 Field Spaniel, 4 Clumber Spaniels, 2 Sussex Spaniels, 1 Irish Setter and 2 Labradors.
The successful Clumbers were:- Heather Mayes’ Abbyford Vattern and Deepfleet Filly of Wooliebourne,
Both the Labradors and two Welsh Springer Spaniel also achieved the Certificate