GSOW and GBAS Results Added

Gundog Society of Wales and Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland results are now available on the website.



Don’t forget your calendars! Contact Eunice for details!

Clumber Spaniel – Breed Appreciation Day

Clumber Spaniel Club – Breed Appreciation Day Sunday, 18th November 2018

Join the Clumber Spaniel Club for the day to learn more about our breed! Our Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) is for anyone who has an interest in the breed.

There will be an additional multiple-choice exam (MCE) at the end of the day available for any judges that have:
• KC Requirements of a dog show judge seminar
• KC points of a dog assessment
• KC Confirmation and movement seminar
• KCA On-line critique seminar
• Undertaken 6 days of dog show stewarding

To book, please email the Secretary, Eunice King  and specify if you are eligible to sit the MCE at the end of the day!

Any queries about Judges Competency Framework (JCF) should be directed to the Breed Education Coordinator (BEC), Lynn Peters.

Eunice Secretary CSC Club

Also – We are still looking for Someone to take over Publishing our Clumber Clips & Year Book I am sure there is someone out there can help us

Finally – remember Calendars are now available – Posted £8.50 Collected £7.00p. Contact Eunice King

All funds go to the Clumber Spaniel Club

Results for CSC Champ Show, Specials and SWKA now on the website

Sorry for the delay, I have been away 8 days in the last 10 on business. Fortunately good WiFi in the hotels has allowed me to update the 2018 Results Page with the following results:

30th September 2018 – Clumber Spaniel Club Championship Show, Mrs K Kirkham with critiques;

30th September 2018 – Clumber Spaniel Club Championship Show, Specials Classes, Ms E Bryant with critiques;

7th October 2018 – South Wales Kennel Association – Mr I Layfield.

Thank you for your patience.

CSC Webmaster